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Mind Mentoring & Coaching 
open up your awareness and ignite your passion again  
Connecting, Listening, Learning, Transforming 
The greater the connoisseur a listener is, waiting eagerly for more and more, the greater is the enthusiasm and verve of the speaker as he goes on narrating 
Indira Kher author of The life and teachings of shri shirdi sai baba 
This aspect of my practise is where I truly connect with my client on a heart basis through listening, this way a greater picture of the dream behind the dream behind the dream can transpire and a feeling of newness and openness and expansion unearths and evolves…  
The mind is bittersweet, on one hand the mind helps us to organise, plan, comprehend, create, visualise, discern and use logic, but on the other hand the unruly mind is ignorant, prejudiced, hateful, unreal, bigoted and deluded. 
The mind can either be used as either a tool of creation or of unimaginable destruction. All of our suffering originates in the mind and the unexamined thoughts beliefs, mindsets, defence mechanisms and wounds that we carry. 
Listening and learning about your dreams and areas where you feel you would like to improve your life and identify any limiting beliefs or beliefs you feel ready to let go of, and destructive thoughts that sabotage your life that can falter your free flow of life and ease. Understanding the mind is half the issue solved, learning tools that delete old programs and thought patterns and learning to not identify so much with the thoughts that we have on a daily basis. 

Guiding you on a spiritual journey of connection and expansion within 

In short mentoring can guide you through a patch of growth and open up your awareness and ignite your passion again and maybe unearth a new passion or reignite and refresh your current state and take you on a more spiritual journey of connection and expansion within. 
In a nutshell we are 
Helping you find a life balance 
Letting go of old stories , conditionings 
Learning new techniques / practises 
We are an unfolding book and sometimes our old stories can hold us back in certain areas of our lives. We all just want to thrive as humans and lead our best lives yet. 
Through practises such as journaling, affirmations, talks, different spiritual / self development books, a helping hand and guidance, we can find a program of practises that suit your busy life where you are in a flow of using these practical tools with a mentor on the end of a phone to enthuse and guide and suggest reasoning and encouragement for you to reach tangible goals of transformation within your life. 
Rachel qualities have been invaluable to me. 
willing to listen; vulnerable and share her experiences; honest and say, “not sure, will find out” and to identify alternative avenues; be able to empathise and propose solutions/strategies; laugh; compassionate and caring 
How has Rachel played a part in my personal development? 
The “chatter of life” in my mind can be stilled through meditation to find peace and quiet physically and emotionally. 
Awareness of my feelings in, and of, a given situation has improved. 
Patience and forgiveness (of self and others) are stronger attributes. 
I am a calmer (generally!) person 
I have a destination and map encapsulated by Rachel’s name for me “H2H”…Head to Heart! 
Tot Barling, male 62, Leamington Spa. July 2019 
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