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Rachel Serban 



Welcome to Access Transformation 

Rachel Serban - Health and well-being coach Leamington Spa, Warwickshire 

My Passion is complete Mind, Body & Spirit health, and the realisation that all 3 components are just as important as each other for a balanced, healthy and vital existence. 
Do you believe there is more to life then your current reality 
There always is and the magic is inside urging you to seek it 

Hi and welcome to Access Transformation 

My name is Rachel and I help create a much more powerful reality for you, a powerful way of being so you can reach your maximum potential in your life.  
We all create patterns in or lives which create both what we want and what we don’t want.  
Believing our stories of limited beliefs, listening too much to social trends, past conditioning brought down from generation to generation etc 
My role through listening and tuning in, I intuitively feel and hear patterns within you which may need chopping, changing and create more powerful patterns towards infinite possibilities. 
Like going to the gym and flexing muscle week in week out to get the physical look desired and health on the straight, we do the same with your mind to reach the fullest version of yourself, mind, body and spirit. We access a lot of the gifts you knew were inside of you, so you show up as the most impactful version of you. 

Creating and empowering you 

Creating more empowering patterns in you I help you to see where you are holding yourself back , creating more productive and loving patterns and behaviours that help you totally fall in love with yourself and life all over again. 
Through my tools of Access consciousness and mind mentoring, I help you connect with these newly discovered gifts which create a new chemical reaction in you, which you learn to master for yourself and become your own scientist to take you where you want to go in life and beyond and be free. 

I'm excited to be a part of your journey to freedom 

I'm excited to meet you and be part of your journey to freedom from the mind and the old stories you have been living from for all this time… 
Now is the time. 
People who work with me can expect 
To feel inspired 
An appetite for life 
A belief in themselves and their reborn capabilities and beyond 
A newfound freedom 
A stonger coherence of heart and brain 

My Therapy Process 

Step 1 
Gather a clear vision 
Step 2 
alignment and falling love with yourself all over again 
Step 3 
clear old patterns 
Step 4 
create new patterns 
Access Your Natural State 
By Rachel Serban 
Please click on the link below to read the online blog 

The Access Transformation tools I use 

Access Bars 

Access Bars , having your bars run is like deleting all the old files from your computer bank 

Access Face Lift 

An energetic face-lift and re balanced of hormones 

Mind Mentoring & Coaching 

A great way of finding out who you are , through being allowed to discover yourself in a safe and confidential environment 
The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. 
Carl Jung 
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